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*Please Note: Meet-Ups will have to be approved by ASC before posting on our site.


What are Meet Ups?:
These are events that are hosted, from start to finished by anyone at ASC. The hope for Meet Ups is to bring people together to create meaningful friendships around the things they love. These Meet Ups are usually one-time events, but some may happen on a regular basis, but the focus for Meet-Ups is to start getting to know more people that call ASC home.

Are Meet Ups run by ASC?
Meet-ups are independently hosted by people at ASC. They are external events planned and supervised by the meet-up hosts themselves, and ASC communicates their events to our church body.

Will ASC help pay for my meet-up?
In general, the hosts and participants will fund the events themselves. The only case ASC might be able to help fund a meetup is if it is service/mission oriented.

How will people hear about upcoming Meet Ups?
For ASC’s forms of communication, upcoming meet-ups will occasionally be shared on Social Media, newsletter, app notifications, and every now and again, Sunday mornings. With that said, word of mouth from the host will be the best way to reach the most amount of people.