Black + Brown Lives Matter at A Seattle Church

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Helena Soholm

A Whole Gospel

We believe Jesus came in the flesh and gave his body “that no one would perish” (John 3:17), but all would have “life to the full” in Him (John 10:10). As a church, we embrace this as a holistic gospel. Good news that didn’t just deal only with our individual sin, but fundamentally re-ordered the cosmos and “reconciles all things” that are broken. A gospel that cares about each and every body having the opportunity to thrive in health, and in unencumbered relationships of love with God and neighbor.

We believe at ASC that black lives matter. Often, black and brown bodies are subjected to systemic, relational, and supremacist racism. This has been present for hundreds of years in our country, city, and faith communities. We want to be part of the solution and not contributive to the problem. We think it is time to talk about this more as a church. To listen, learn, lament, pray, and act justly in Jesus’ name.

We hope you will take this journey with us towards greater Kingdom equity by the power of the Holy Spirit. Below, you can find a few invitation for ways we are beginning to go deeper in to this part of our calling as a church.

Pastor Tyler's Sermon on "Privilege" (6.7.2020)
Ilze Gideons and Tyler Gorsline Discuss Race + Transformation (6.9.2020)


We want every person at ASC to be in a small group, We are currently meeting for digital online gatherings. We believe these spaces are an incredible opportunity to dive deeper and wrestle with God’s word about his intention for us to be a church that pursues fighting racism together.

If you are not in a small group, we encourage you to join in groups with others at ASC for to grow in Jesus’ love together. Click the link below to inquiry about being in a group.

Join an ASC Small Group

Learn more in our "White Awake" Study

Pastor Tyler is inviting our church to do a book study on Pastor Daniel Hill’s book White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means To Be White. An opportunity for us to learn more about the impacts of whiteness on race and place in our world. To do the work to come alongside and learn and fight racial inequity alongside people of color in our church and world,

Ask to Join our Book Study

Have Questions?

We know that this work can be one that is layered and vulnerable. Many of you may have immediate defenses come up when you consider engaging with ideas like white privilege, supremacy, and equity and justice. We want to be a healthy resource for you in that journey towards Christ. To the degree we are able or discern it to be appropriate, we would like to engage with your honest questions. Feel free to be bold and courageous as we go towards Jesus’ hopes for us to be a church that pursues racial justice together.

Ask a Question about Race + Transformation

Support ASC's Efforts to Pursue Racial Justice

In this time, we encourage you to engage our city as a non-anxious presence, lead out of faith in the midsts of fear, pray for our community, city, nation and the world, and practice radical generosity in the midst of uncertainty. We are shifting some of our resources to begin caring for the needs of black and brown folks in our community during this time. Please consider giving below for the redistribution of funds to meet needs and serve neighbors as we are able.

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Therapists of Color in Seattle

We realize that this incredible movement of God on behalf of black lives beginning to matter in our country in ways long overdue is emotionally complex. This is all the more true for our friends of color, with many of them navigating the complexities of existing in the the epicenter and focal point of both racial trauma and human rights advocacy in Jesus’ name. We want to make sure that we could find great emotional health support, and come alongside those who need resources to get it as desired. With the advisement of trusted Jesus-centered therapists in our city, we have compiled a list of local mental health counselors who are recommended as fellow people of color. At ASC, we are here for our brothers and sisters of color in and outside of our church. Please let us know if we can help you get the professional support you are seeking (or resources needed for it) via your reaching out to any of the therapists below.


Please email us at if you have any questions.

Mai-Anh Anderson
Mosaic Counseling Collective
Therapy for Black Girls
Therapy Den
Multicultural Counselors
Helena Soholm
Kenneth Jaimes
Suchika Siotia
Averry Cox
Trenecsia Wilson
Nichole Williams
Ashley Mcgirt
Claudelle Glasgow