What to expect:

  • 3 to 15 people becoming friends who learn how to follow Jesus together
  • Honest and fun community overĀ shared meals
  • Prayer and personal check-ins
  • Discovering the Bible together
  • Discussing the sermons we hear on Sundays
  • Serving neighbors in need
  • Multiplying our groups to create more space for others to grow with us.

ASC Groups create a culture of depth, so that we become people who can go wide in sharing the hope of Jesus with our neighbors.

  • ASC Groups are sent out to be encouragement for people across our city.
  • Together, we celebrate what God has done in our lives throughout the week while building friendships through loving and serving others.
  • Whether you are a young professional, a parent of three kids, new to the city, a college student, or not even sure about faith, we have a place for you.

Interested in joining an ASC Group?

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